Infuse your software systems with machine intelligence!

Datoin abstracts out the complexity of machine learning to make adoption easier for you.

Datoin is an end to end platform for data integration, experimentation, model deployment, analytics, and apps management.

Create readily usable ML micro-services
Use ready-made ML models to create apps faster
Visualize your app as a flowchart and translate into reality

From Software Engineer to Machine Learning Engineer, in a few days!

Build a simple Machine Learning app in 10 minutes
Customise existing templates to suit your needs
Connect directly to Datoin Experts
Building Machine Learning solutions never got this easy!
# Execution Modes
$foo = ['batch',
# Infrastructure
$bar = ['On-Premise',
    'Third Party Cloud',
    'Datoin Cloud'] 
Integrate with data from disparate sources
Extensible with the Datoin's SDK

Build scalable machine learning apps that can run as ${foo} and deploy on ${bar}.

Create your first "hello, world" machine learning application using Datoin.

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  • NLP
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Fraud Detection
  • Trend
  • Classification Apps
  • Prediction Apps