Let Datoin App Driver deal with infra specific details.

Focus on creating Solutions not Infrastructure

One Application, Multiple Execution Mode.

If the computation remains same why should one write an architecture specific code? Datoin Application Driver(DAD) effectively eliminates programming model switching cost by translating the same application into real-time, streaming and batch execution strategy.

Real-time Microservice

The real-time execution is best suited for creating the backend for mobile and the web to enhance customer experience, upsell and cross sell.

Batch Execution

The processes that are run periodically such as stock order, marketing automation, etc are best suited for batch execution.

Streaming Execution

Applications such as IOT, anomaly detection & prediction, incoming lead scoring, customer ticket routing etc should be run in streaming mode.

Deploy Datoin Apps to your specific infrastructure.

Whether you have started early on big data revolution or picking up on latest Apache Spark installation, or having multiple installations of it, the Datoin Application Driver translates apps into the all major and minor versions of the software. It is designed for enterprises complex software infrastructure.

Distributed Cluster

+    MR, + YARN, + Mesos
+    Apache Spark

Standalone Machine

+    Batch Mode
+    Realtime Rest API

Let the Driver take care of optimization for you!

Datoin Application Driver analyzes the data dependency and creates directed acyclic graph(DAG) out of it. This allows Driver to device execution strategy to run the application in parallel mode.

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