Cutdown development cost with Block Store

The best way to cut the cost is to re-use over and over again. The Datoin’s Block Superstore offers a large pool of blocks ranging from enterprise software connectors, ETL tools, machine learning libraries, NLP libraries, cloud services integration, SaaS APIs etc.

500+ Blocks and growing

Goodness with Datoin is, as we cover more and more use cases, the blocks are added to the store.

Pre-built ML Models

The pre-built machine learning models eliminate the need to train first and helps to get started quickly.

Enterprises Focused

We have built and building blocks that solve common problems across industries and functional area.

Faster Go to Market Strategy with Application Assembly

Datoin is built to improve the developer productivity. Yes, It is incredibly productive. The developer can build a fairly complex application in few minutes. The application assembly system aka plumbing system can stitch block together. Along with the productivity, the assembled application will be robust, safe and bug-free.

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Quick Proof of Concepts

A working prototype will help you to market an idea to the team and all other stakeholders involved.

Extreme Experimentation

If you are unsure about specific functionality, efficacy etc, quickly try them out by editing existing apps.

Customize to your needs with Software Development Kit

Unlike off the shelf products, that requires you to align your business processes to the product workflow, the datoin platform enables to build applications that suite your needs. With Datoin SDK, new blocks can be built, deployed to the block store.

Private Blocks

Obviously, with the private blocks retain the trade secrets within the organisation!

Continuous Integration

Datoin platform is armed with DevOps tools helps developers to deploy, and release new blocks.

Automated Test Cases

Each and every block written in Datoin will go through rigorous automated testing for correctness.

Deploy the apps in your preferred choice of data center.

Whether you are an upcoming startup or a large enterprise, every organisation have their preferred infrastructure. Datoin apps can be hosted on our managed infrastructure, virtual private cloud or on a dedicated data center. Datoin provides the ultimate flexibility to deploy.

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Hosted Services

With ‘pay as you go’ model, Datoin provides fully managed services for easy, quick development.

+ Recommended for Startups

Virtual Private Cloud

Datoin can deploy apps to popular infrastructure providers like AWS, Azure, Bluemix and Google Cloud.

+ Recommended for Enterprises

Dedicated Data Center

Datoin platform bundles app such that it can run on bare metal infrastructure as they run on cloud platforms.

+ Recommended for Enterprises

What's more? Datoin is Inclusive.

We love them all. Whether they are our competitors or partners. We understand that the enterprise software architecture has solutions implemented from multiple vendors. Datoin will work with all the stakeholders involved to solve your needs. Especially your needs alone.

Start building the Machine Learning applications!

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