Reimagine your Business with AI.

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Datoin accelerates Machine Learning adoption in your enterprise.

Datoin removes the barrier to entry into Machine Learning using Graphical Interface and No-Code approach.
It is designed to rapidly translate your vision into reality.

Focus on business problems, not technology
Build a Lean Data Science Team
Build in Days, Not Months
Integrates with Enterprise Data

Kick-Start your ML journey by exploring solution templates solving real business problems.

Easily customise existing templates to suit your needs
Accelerate innovation using reusable building blocks
Connect to Datoin ML experts
Building Machine Learning solutions never got this easy!
Works on your on-premise or cloud infrastructure
Integrate data from disparate sources
Measure and control your ML apps

Datoin is built to solve the challenges of enterprise integrations.

Discover the ML opportunities at your enterprise through Datoin.

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How to distribute the workload evenly across month?
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How do I maintain the steady cash flow?
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