The Team

Monis Khan
Co-founder, CEO
Monis has a passion for NLP, he has pursued it academically and as well in the industry. He has masters in Computational Linguistics from LTRC IIIT Hyderabad. He briefly worked as a research scientist at LTRC. His industry experience spans over a decade, where he has been building intelligent systems. The notable contribution includes Question and Answering System and Consumer Review Aggregation System.
Monis is currently the CEO of Datoin, where he brings in an understanding of text analytics space and the vision to solve the pain points in building intelligent systems.

Umar Shah
Co-founder, CTO
Umar has more than a decade of tech startup experience. He was instrumental in building next-gen tech products. After graduating from IIT Kharagpur, he started his career at Symantec, where he worked on 'file system'. His interest in solving new challenges led him to Minekey and then WisdomTap. One common thing Umar solved at these startups is building technology architecture for the complex problem.
Umar is currently CTO of Datoin, where he brings in hands-on experience of building scalable architecture especially in the domain of text processing and analytics

Rakshith Begane
Rakshith has 8 years of product building experience. He has varied experience of building professional networking website to an e-commerce platform. He has experience in multiple product development functions namely user acquisition, architecture and technology, marketing etc. He is most comfortable in envisioning the whole things and ensures that it comes all together.
Rakshith is currently working on product strategy at Datoin, where he brings in previous experience of building products.

ThammeGowda Narayanaswamy
Thamme Gowda, grad from The University of Southern California. TG is a rockstar programmer and has more than three years of experience in building large scale system. He has specialized skills for solving problems in distributed systems, information retrieval, and text analysis.
It was TG who started the Datoin's code base. He was instrumental in the design and implementation of the Datoin platform.

Avin D'Silva
Software Engineer
Avin holds Bachelor of Engineering in CSE from VTU. Prior joining the Datoin team, he was working as associate at Societe Generale for about a year.
Avin is a currently working as a software engineer at Datoin. At Datoin, he is continuously enhancing the platform to take on to the next level of challenge.

Santhosh kumar
Software Engineer
Santhosh holds Bachelor of Engineering in CSE from VTU. He comes to Datoin with a love for solving complex problems by building elegant solutions.
Santhosh is currently working as Software Engineer at Datoin. He is busy handling multiple accounts and takes up the smooth delivery of solutions to our clients.

Darshan Adiga
Software Engineer
Darshan holds Bachelor of Engineering in CSE from VTU. Darshan has a year of experience at Tata Consultancy Services as Associate System Engineer.
As a Software Engineer at Datoin, Darshan is working on building real-time API platform for the applications built using Datoin.

Office Admin
Manjunath has more experience of administrating office than any of us in the industry. He has worked at Yahoo, WisdomTap, and SimplyPhi.
At Datoin, Manjunath makes sure that the office runs smoothly. He even plans our party and team outings!
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