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Identify them using Datoin's customer churn prediction apps and proactively engage with them

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Every online business is unique so there is a Customer Churn app for each one. Find your online business and try now to retain more customers
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    Lead Generation

    You generate leads for them, what if they are looking for leads around alternative for you? Know your churning customers.

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    Content Sharing

    What is the average amount of reading time by reader per day, per article, per month could be the leading indicators of readers likely to switch off subscription with you.

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    Online Survey

    Survey reports for each client can indicate their likelihood of continuing surveying with you.

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    Social Media Marketing

    You are in marketing as a service, engaging with personalised attention is key when you know they are likely to turn to competition.

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    Email marketing

    Use simple email consumption data points to identify which customers are likely to continue and which aren't.


    Customer Retention

    Unlock the competitive advantage of retaining your customers by converting churning customers into continuing ones without having to build a sophisticated data science capability

    Better Engagement

    Align engagement campaigns to reflect on customer needs so that they don't have to look for alternatives.

    Predictable Revenue

    Bring consistency in month or month revenues with more recurring subscribers.

    Redeemable CLTV

    Upsell and cross-sell services to your customers to redeem customer's lifetime value.


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