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Search solution that meets business objective

Every type of business has specialized use cases for search and discovery. The requirement may encompass modeling of the search index, customized query analysis and expansion according to business needs and promotion of certain result types. In each of the phases in designing a complete search engine, the business objective should be met and user search behaviour should be considered. Datoin provides search experts who analyze those business requirements and build a bespoke search and discovery solution for you.

Towards question and answering system

The evolution of search engines tells us that the length of search queries has only increased over time. A user inputs a complex query to find the most relevant answer to the question, in the myriad of information. Datoin search solutions disintegrate and parse user search queries into a specific format that helps find the right answers the user is looking for. With Datoin, you can make your application ready to serve most complex queries made by your user.

Increased Discovery

Search does work when the user knows what he/she looking for. However, most often, the user does not have a complete idea of what they are looking for, or are unable to form the exact query. Datoin’s contextual discovery technology is a group of techniques that gives suggestions to the user to refine the search queries, helps them consider other options, and choose among multiple choices. With Datoin, you can help your user to explore the offerings that best suit their requirement.


Semantic Search

Traditional Vector Space Model for search retrieves documents based on the appearance of keywords in search documents. The relevancy of the results is defined by the keyword frequency and document frequency inversely. Semantic Search takes a step ahead in search technology by understanding the user search query within context and translating it into the search engine's advanced query format and thus, provides relevant results.

Custom Ranking

All good search engines implement a layer of custom ranking algorithm to tweak their search relevancy. Each business has its own search requirement and definition of relevancy. Apart from the relevancy, sometimes it is necessary to boost certain types of results to improve user experience or the business objective. Our search experts analyse your business and suggest an algorithm to improve relevancy. Request For Quote

Rich Autocomplete

Autocomplete and type ahead are a great way of enhancing user experience. Datoin’s Search and Discovery solution comes with a built-in auto-complete engine. The auto complete engine is customizable to your requirements and provides rich results. Using rich results, you can display extra information for your user and help them navigate to the right result, quickly.


Faceting is an integral part of websites which have structured content. Making small things intelligent, be it intelligent date ranges, price ranges, or ordering, will enhance your user’s browsing experience. Allow your users to quickly filter out the relevant search result.


Reduce the zero result queries or irrelevant results by auto correcting the spelling mistakes in user search queries.

More Like This

If someone is viewing a page, inherently means that they are interested in that content. Let your user explore similar content/product/offer. Thus, enhance the discovery and user experience.

Search Analytics

We know, you might have other means of getting the analytics for your business needs. But, Datoin provides, more detailed analytics about user search behaviour.

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