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Effortlessly Win Clients

There is nothing better than a Proof of Concept shown to client win them over. However, Datoin helps you to win a client at multitude levels. Following are some instance of it.

  • Datoin provides you sales and marketing materials, use cases etc which you can leverage in your pre-sales activity
  • Datoin has hosts of appealing demos which you can use for showcasing capability in real time, ad hoc manner. Also you can embed them in your web app.
  • Impress your potential client by creating a quick Proof of Concept at the later stage of RFP process.

Improve Productivity

Take advantage of the Datoin Platform and its ecosystem. The platform empowers to assemble applications using available off-the-shelf components just by graphical interface. In essence,

  • Datoin provides a true code re-usability by creating ready to integratable off-the-shelf components
  • No need to write boilerplate code to integrate libraries. You can just map them using UI and the platform will generate them.

Expand your Solution Offering

The next evolution in Big Data is about making sense of Data. With Datoin MLaaS and Text Analytics platform provide innovative solution to your client. Take plunge into space of text analytics and provide the following solutions to your client.

Consultation and Expert Help

As part of Datoin partnership program, we provide the training to your employees, tutorials and support as per standard SLA. However, these may not be sufficient in cases where one does need to solve a specific ML, NLP problems. Get expert help from our specialist. Also, we periodically email the best practices, industry news.

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