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Datoin Advantage

From Experience

Datoin is brought into being by the people who have worked to provide intelligence solutions for over 5 years, just when the “Big Data” world was in its infancy stage.

To Inspiration

The common problems and challenges faced those days, inspired us to provide generic solutions without compromising on flexibility.

Increased success by right Intelligence Strategy

Building intelligence is not simple as computing 2+2=4. Things that seem simple to humans may be the most difficult to achieve for computers. Since it is counter-intuitive, devising a strategy without domain expertise may lead to

  • Mismatch between the manager’s expectation and the actual implementation
  • Long continuous development, and delay in delivery
  • Underutilization of intelligence in the application

Having over many years of experience in building intelligent applications, we have produced the defining guidelines, best practices, and pitfalls. We bring in the experience of how to exploit the data.

Spend less time with wrangling data

If the given algorithm is standard across, the data defines the accuracy of learning. In building applications, quite some time is spent on preparing the right dataset to train the application. If we were there to make your life simpler, we would take away the complexity of dealing with data. We provide

  • Data wrangling, transformation
  • Curated Data Set
  • Seamless Feedback Ingestion

Prove your idea by working prototypes

Agile, Facebook’s Motto, and everyone else is talking about moving fast. Faster iteration not only validates or invalidates one’s assumption about the system but also provides insights about what is possible. It is difficult to imagine how the proposed system works and communicate the working nature to others. A proof of concept will certainly help you to demo it to your team. Our platform enables us to rapidly build the prototypes using off-the-shelf components and deliver the data or provide an API to integrate.

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Other Benefits of Datoin for Intelligence


General intelligence gets murkier when it needs to be applied to domain-specific problems. And, it is aggravated when organization has its own business process and objective. Our solution meets all the requirements of your domain, your business, and your objective.


With respect to machine learning, it is all about the accuracy of the system. In order to achieve the desired level of accuracy, the experts conduct multiple experiments and choose the best out of it. Our platform makes it easier, cost-effective to conduct experiments.

Production Grade

It is deducible that we go from POC to experimentation and then to production. Our platform not only eliminates two language problem industry faces today, but also delivers the production grade system capable of handling high throughput requests without extra work.

What kind of problems are we solving?

Search and Discovery

Customized search and discovery involve deeper analysis in various components of search engines from indexing to query analysis and ranking. Know more


Most commonly used technology in the intelligent system. It is applied on varieties of tasks from spam filtering to multi-class taxonomy classification. Know more

Unsupervised Learning

Uncover the pattern in data by explorative analysis or benefit from unsupervised learning when there is not much amount of training data available. Know more


A set of core text related tools that can be incorporated in much larger applications. The tools range from parsing to language detection.

Custom Applications

Apart from what is listed here we do take up custom requests and provide bespoke solutions. Request For Quote


Datoin offers a wide range of extraction from simple entity extractions like authors to complex theme extraction, topic extraction etc.

Pattern Recognition

Identify patterns in time series data, detect anomalies and alert stakeholders by analyzing real-time streaming data and by setting customizable triggers.

Risk Modeling

Mitigate the risk by modeling the risk potential from a set of events or transaction history. Take corrective action even before the possible event may occur.


Anticipate the changes in business operation and proactively respond or optimize key metrics by accurate prediction based upon past events.


Custom dashboard for a custom application. Datoin provides the suitable data visualization to the business requirement.

Custom Applications

Apart from what is listed here we do take up custom requests and provide bespoke solutions. Request For Quote


Hybrid recommendation system based upon collaborative filtering as well the textual data tuned to get the best out of both world. It also solves cold start problem.

Customer Segmentation

Whether it is targeted marketing campaign or making sense of customer behavior(analytics) the customer segmentation will help you get the best out of customer browsing pattern.

Business Process Optimization

Improve your ROI by automating your business process using intelligence solutions like automated “customer query routing”, “intelligent mapping” etc.

Customer Experience

Make sense of customer feedback. Analyze and improve the customer experience with various touch point.

Custom Applications

Apart from what is listed here we do take up custom requests and provide bespoke solutions. Request For Quote

Datoin Platform

Algorithms and off-the-shelf components

It is always tools for the job. A wide range of open source components and algorithms readily available to be stitched into your application. You can always replace a component with another compatible component and experiment freely.

Data Ingestion

The platform allows us to have as many data ingestion components as possible. It can be web crawlers, database importers or IOT. The ingestion system is written for the scale of Internet of Things.

Multiple data format

We support various data formats from CSV and JSON to complex structured data residing in database or event logs. We are continuously adding more data format support and work quickly towards adding any data format you require.

Rest APIs

One can readily create a REST API from any of the available applications, and use it in their system. No extra programming efforts are needed for this. The application will be deployed to a high throughput container to serve REST request as fast as possible.

Realtime Streaming Applications

The platform is built on top of Hadoop and Spark ecosystem. The spark and queuing system built for Internet of Things helps us to deliver the ‘real fast streaming application’


Be it real-time streaming application or batch processing application or REST APIs, we put much emphasis on optimized execution of an application. We constantly update our platform and the base ecosystem with newest stable release of open source software.

On Premise Solutions

The beauty of the Datoin Platform is that it allows us to take any application and undock it to ‘on-premise system’ without much of extra overhead. Any changes in the base platform can be easily upgraded to the on-premise solution.

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