What is Intelligent Automation?

Imagine you are running a retail business, where every aspect of keeping inventory at an optimal level is automated!

Such a system should place new orders, track shipment, create support tickets if there are any delays, optimize the stock levels to demand using historical sales, marketing promotions, consumer behavior habits, demographic, seasonal variations etc.

All of this happens with minimal human intervention or supervision. Welcome to the new era of automation!

Intelligent Automation is more than…

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) focuses on automation of repetitive tasks. Currently, the scope of RPA is limited to a few business process. But Datoin’s automation focus is on the value derived from technologies like AI, Machine Learning etc. For example building solutions like automated calculation of organization-wide capability of its employees using work-related information is out of scope for RPA.

Advanced Analytics

There is a technology overlap between predictive/prescriptive analytics and AI based Automation. The main objective of analytics is to provide insights. The AI based automation takes these insights to a next level and uses them to make automated decisions. In essence, it’s a natural progress. Datoin platform is not only capable of automation but also can provide advanced analytics capability as a by-product.

Key Benefits

Topline Improvement

One of the understated use of automation is the impact on the topline of any business. For example, marketing automation can help promotion to be personalized and context-sensitive. So as a better lead scoring can improve sales revenue.

Bottomline Improvement

The impact of automation in reducing the cost and expenditure is no brainer. Almost all functional activity in an organization can be generalized and improved to reduce cost & manpower, minimize risk and make the process consistent.

Customer Experience

Effect of automation on customer experience is hard to ignore. Automation can improve the service responses time, be proactive about customer problems, and reduce onboarding time. All these contribute to a better customer journey.

A true Automation happens behind the scene

Early automation needed significant changes in business process, infrastructure and sometimes required business process reengineering. The new age automation can work seamlessly with existing business processes or work with minimal changes to existing business processes and infrastructure.

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