Datoin is a platform which emerged out of 5 years of journey in IT consultation related to natural language processing and machine learning provided to either innovative startups or to any growing companies solving interesting new digitized world problems. Every time we started building a solution for new customers, we observed that we spend a lot of time in writing boilerplate code. Although, we knew best practices and had solved similar problems previously, arriving at first cut solution took much time than we would have liked to spend.

In order for us to solve the specific problem, we imagined the applications as a collection of composable components, where one can build them by assembling the available components by using graphical interface. And, the realisation that we could speed up the innovation greatly by empowering people with access to big data and machine intelligence tools made us work on Datoin.

At Datoin, we are on a mission to improve the accessibility and affordability of big data and machine intelligence solutions by decreasing time to market the solution as well as the cost of the solution.

We are thankful to the open source community for providing us such a wonderful software to build upon.

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