Datoin Assembly Framework(DAF) started with a singular aim!

Building application should be Simple, Quick and Agnostic

DAF is Simple, Linear way of defining an Application

The DAF allows anyone to build an application using web interface. Before building any application, it is common practice to have a mental model of the workflow. DAF is designed to take advantage of the natural mental model and guide app developer to create applications in a step by step wizard fashion without worrying about the complexity.

Assembly is possible because, Components have a manifest!

DAF enforces a clear set of rules that defines a component. Because of it, any component can be used along with others to form a complex data processing pipeline.

Defined Input & Output

Every component in Datoin clear defines the input it takes and the output it produces. Thus DAF can take advantage of it to connect the output of one component to the input of another.

Search & Discovery Friendly

There is no use of a component if it is not accessible. Each component has a title, type, a detailed descriptions, tags and resource descriptors that make components easily searchable by the developer.

Information Beyond Code.

The real-world software is much more than the code. Each software comes is an iterative improvement over previous, i.e. versioning, has a license, and other information. Datoin provides one point access to it.

Accelerated App creation through powerful Workflow Recommendation

It is often a set of few components go together in a workflow. Datoin’s workflow recommendation engine analyses all the applications built so far and recommends components that are most likely to be used next.

Datoin Assembly Framework is easy to get started!

Unlike other frameworks, DAF has few technical terms and they are easy to understand. Datoin’s goal driven interface makes it easier to start creating apps. Neither component developer nor the app developer has to be aware of the underlying infra to build apps.

DAF produced App can run anywhere because an App is nothing but a simple JSON file!

Datoin Assembly Framework doesn’t produce any complex code. It just encodes the application detail in a JSON file. The true flexibility comes from making no assumption about the underlying system. The Datoin Driver is responsible for translating this application to run in the target environment.

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