SalesForce Ticket Importer

This module connects to the SalesForce's REST api . It fetches tickets( known as cases ) based on filters provided. It accepts two input keys filter and value and based on their values it gets required 'result' in the form of json. There are currently only four filters available. The filters are 'all' , 'ticketId' , 'customerId' and 'agentId'

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Input and Output Specification

Key Name Value Type
value String
filter String
Key Name Value Type
result JSON
Created By Datoin Admin
Used In 2 Applications
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Updated On Feb 21, 2017
Group Id com.datoin.analysis.modules
Artifact Id crm-connector
Version 1.0.4


salesForce configuration file
This is the properties file for salesForce module that contains configuration as in OAuth 2.0 details of an salesForce account for api requests. This file must contain 'consumerKey' , 'consumerSecret' , 'username' and 'password' + 'securityCode' as keys for authentication purposes.
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