FAF Svm Text Classification Module (TF-IDF based)

Classifies texts into configured classes. This is a multi class classifier (TF-IDF based).

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Input and Output Specification

Key Name Value Type
inputText String
Key Name Value Type
classes JSON
Created By Datoin Admin
Used In 0 Applications
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Updated On Mar 31, 2016
Group Id com.datoin.analysis.modules
Artifact Id FAF-svm-classifier
Version 1.0.0


Df file
This file contains document frequency calculated for each word from background corpus
Features Dictionary
This file contains features dictionary used for vectorization. It should be same as the one used to create model
Features settings
This file contains features settings used for vectorization
Synonym File
This file contains synonyms
SVM model
This file contains SVM model
Meta file
This file contains meta data of training data
Negative words file
This file contains negative tokens
Target Classes
This file contains classes. It should be same as the one used during model creation
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